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Why 97% of Your Clients Don't Have Financial Goals and What To Do About It

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A Simple Edit That Makes Financial Planning 100% More Engaging


Has this happened to you?

You’ve spent years of hard work, wracking your brain to become the financial planner you want to be, and then you find most people just don’t care about financial planning.

And you wonder: how is that possible?

Perhaps your service is lacking something important. It needs one vital ingredient to really stand out.

A clear reason why you’re in business.

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How To Be Bold in a World Where Compliance is King


It’s practically a financial planning commandment.

Thou shalt obey the compliance officer.

And even if those words have never been etched into stone, it’s still rock-solid advice. After all, if you DON’T follow their advice, your financial planning career will be doomed. Forever.

Knowing this, you take compliance seriously.

You read what they publish.

You study for their exams.

You tweak every process until it’s perfect.

But does this help you? I mean, does this help you to move forward?

If you’re honest, you can’t help but feel mortified at the prospect of staying hopelessly trapped in the compliance officer’s rules.

You want to break out. You want to escape. You want to do it your way.

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The Myth of Financial Goals Needs to Die


Can I be straight with you?

What most financial planners claim about the importance of financial goals is totally wrong.

It’s overly simplified, it’s just a marketing-term, or interpreted the wrong way.

Over the last 17 years I have been in the industry, I’ve served hundreds of people, had 1,000+ client-conversations, and I’ve experienced firsthand the (un)importance of financial goals.

And a lot of stuff that planners say or write about financial goals … it just isn’t true.

The irony?

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6 Irresistible Incentives That’ll Quadruple Your Financial-Planning-Prospect-List in No Time

stencil.default (3)

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That’s what you want, don’t you?

And naturally, you want more for your financial planning service.

You network. You advertise. You spend lots of time on social media. You pay for social media. You pay for SEO. Heck, you even pay for radio or television time.

It’s costing lots and lots of time and money.

And sometimes it feels as if you’re pumping water down a leaky pipe.

In that situation, what’s the smarter move – pumping more water, or fixing the leak?

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The Great Amazon Hoax: Why We Fail to Read Business Books (and How to Become a Lean Mean Reading Machine)

cyber eye

This post is part of the launch of my new project, a platform where I share weekly book summaries on business psychology. If you have zero interest in this project, this is not for you.


Admit it.

You have several half-read books stacked up on your nightstand, several more squirreled away in a desk drawer and a dozen more on your Amazon wish list.

You scrutinize all the books that “customers also bought” looking for those one-of-a-kind books that will transform you into a smarter person. You jump “inside the book” to read the table of contents and credits and page through the free preview.

Searching for the magic formula.

The formula that will erase the silent self-doubt. The nagging thought that you can do better.

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This Rarely Used Tool Helps EVERY Financial Planner Outsmart ANY Digital Competitor


What are you afraid of?

Are you afraid of the digital revolution? Are you afraid of the ongoing innovations in our financial planning business? Are you afraid you can’t keep up? Are you afraid your client doesn’t recognize the value you deliver? Are you afraid you will not have a reason to exist?

There’s no need to.

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How to Mute People’s Pain of Paying your Hourly Financial Planning Rate or Monthly Retainer Fee


Imagine grabbing a cab.

Picture yourself sitting on the back seat and looking at the taxi meter. Don’t you hate watching the taxi meter going up, knowing that every extra inch of the way is costing you?

Why do you hate this?

It’s because of the pain you are suffering. Not physical pain of course, but rather activation of the same brain areas associated with physical pain.

Now, picture your client paying your hourly fee. Is it any different?

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Why SMALL Changes in Your First Impression Ignite a BIG Impact on Your Financial-Planning-Prospects (Backed by Science)


It’s okay. You can admit it.

When you ask yourself how many prospects you really have for your financial planning business, you mostly tell yourself an exaggerated story.

Why? Because the real answer might be embarrassing.

You keep meaning to work on getting more people interested in your financial planning service – and you’ve read plenty of tips on how to do it – but in truth, your prospect-list has barely changed.

Unfortunately, when different experts give you contrasting tips, you can struggle to know which tip to follow.

Fortunately, surefire, simple and scientifically proven shortcuts exist. And no one has probably told you about them.

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How to Quit Your Job, Take the Leap and Get Paid to Do Financial Planning that Matters


After all, that’s the dream, right?

We want to quit our jobs, spend more time with our families, and finally have time to do the “real” work. We want our financial planning to help people, to inspire them, to change them from the inside out.

It’s a modest dream, a dream that deserves to come true, and yet a part of you might be wondering …

Will it?

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The Shocking Truth about Why Most Financial Planners Fail Miserably at Helping Their Clients


You’re smart, motivated, and hard working. So you figure you have everything it takes to help people. Right?

Well, not quite.

To explain why, let’s do a little quiz. Let’s see how you do:

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5 Levels of Financial Planning – What’s Your Level?

level complete

“Am I getting better?”

It may be the most important question you can ask yourself as a financial planner. If you’ve never thought to ask it before, go ahead and do it now. And be honest.

Are you a better financial planner than you were three months ago? A year ago? Three years ago?

If the answer is “No” (or even “Yes, but not much”) then you might face a serious problem.

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7 HOT Buttons Your Ideal Financial-Planning-Prospect Desperately Wants You to Push


Picture this. You’ve had a bad day. Just about everything was a hassle, your best client is complaining, the weather is bad, and you think you’re coming down with a cold.

Your prospect didn’t arrive (without calling you) and the cab sprayed you with water as it drove by without stopping.

You’re completely entitled to the bad mood that’s enveloping you.

On the way home, the phone rings. It’s a good friend, someone you haven’t heard from in a while. He’s just calling to tell you what a great guy you are, how much you mean to him. He doesn’t want anything other than to say hi.

And then you open the door to your apartment and you see that your wife has invited six of your favorite people over for a surprise-for-no-reason dinner party. The room is filled with smiles and love and the smell of your favorite meal.

How do you feel now?

Now picture your prospects coming to your office. How do you want them to feel?

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How to Be Smart in a World of Ignorant Financial Planners


Can I be painfully honest with you for a moment? Can I say something that will quite likely make you mad?

Prepare to be shocked.

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Do You Use This Simple 2000 Year Old Technique to Overcome People’s Secret Objections To Financial Planning?

Here’s a great story.

A few days ago I visited our local pastor. He’s like the ideal grandfather. Old, old-fashioned, always a friendly smile.

Can you picture it?

I didn’t expect to learn how to overcome my prospect’s objections during this short visit.

But when he started talking, I was blown away.

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Here’s the Pricing Mistake Almost Every Financial Planner Makes (and How To Fix It)

Imagine that your prospects didn’t hesitate, not even for one second, to pay your price. That it would be – in fact – a no-brainer.

Don’t believe that’s possible? Then stop here.

However, if you don’t want to leave money on the table and if you don’t want to miss my free gift at the end of this article, you might want to keep reading.

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