How to Quit Your Job, Take the Leap and Get Paid to Do Financial Planning that Matters


After all, that’s the dream, right?

We want to quit our jobs, spend more time with our families, and finally have time to do the “real” work. We want our financial planning to help people, to inspire them, to change them from the inside out.

It’s a modest dream, a dream that deserves to come true, and yet a part of you might be wondering …

Will it?

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Why Even Abundant Knowledge Most Likely Won’t Be Enough For Financial Planners to Thrive in The New Age (And What To Do About It)


It has become obvious, in retrospect, that organisations with superb knowledge economy credentials – companies such as Microsoft, General Motors and big Wealth Management Companies, for example –weathered the global economic crisis little better than companies based on the industrial age economics they superseded.

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What Every Financial Planner Ought To Know About Adding Value Even When (Potential) Clients Rather Do It Themselves


Most financial planners sell advice. Because people are willing to pay for it. It’s as simple as that.

This system worked in the old world. Because there was no alternative.

Fortunately, we now live in the age of DIY.

Do It Yourself.

Fortunately, because now, people have the (free) online tools to create their own, new financial planning experience. Which ignites innovation in our profession.

Is this a threat for your financial planning business? Yes, it can be.

Yet, there is an alternative.

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What Financial Planners Can Do To Make Their Table Bigger and It’s Not About More AUM, More Products, More Commissions or More Market Share


When you enter a poker room usually there are many different choices of tables that you can sit down at. Each table has different stakes, different players and different dynamics that change as the players come and go, and as players get excited, upset or tired.

In poker, people spend a lot of time learning the best strategy to play once you’re sitting down at a table. It’s like the financial planning business. Financial plannners spend a lot of time to get better when they’re in the business.

They think the game starts when they are at the job.

They think the game starts when sitting at the poker-table.

But does it?

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Financial Planning Is Heading Towards It’s Spotify Moment


What if financial planning could be done fully digital? No planner needed.

Is this the scenario we are heading towards?


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3 Types of Financial Planners – Which Group Are You In?


There are three types of financial planning businesses. All three have it’s own style, it’s own structures and measurements and it’s own strategies. The question is: are you in the type of financial planning business you really want to be in?

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Why Every Financial Planner Ought to Serve These Almost Unknown Niche Markets


Why consider to serve another niche?

There are a million and one financial planners, advisors, wealth managers or online solutions on the market. The market is so saturated, so why bother launching yet another one?

Before answering this question, let’s go back in time. Where we lived in a world with limited choices and big companies could afford to cast the net wide across the masses. No depth required.

Do you think this tactic works now that the masses have the power to choose?  Where people have the choice to visit your competitor with two swipes? The market of everyone has dissapeared and that’s scary for big companies.

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Why Meaning is The New Money For Financial Planners


Bob Lutz: 100% inspiration for financial planners

Do you know Bob Lutz? Bob Lutz is the former CEO of General Motors. What does Bob Lutz have to do with financial planning? Don’t worry, I’ll get to it later on. Bob is not the artsy-fartsy kind of guy. He looks and acts like a marine, which he once was. He smokes cigares. He flies his own plane. He once said that global warming was a myth, peddled by the environmental movement. But when the New York Times asked him about how his approach would differ from his predecessors at the time he started as a CEO at GM, here’s how he responded:

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Why Freedom of Information Drives 3 Critical Changes and Empowers a Financial Planner to Thrive

Let me tell you a short story before we go in depth. It’s about the new reality of a car salesman. Traditionally, many car dealerships are based on a simple idea: they know more about cars and pricing and profit than the customer does. By leveraging the information advantage, they can sell cars at a higher markup, upsell add ons, etc.

But what happens when the customers know more then they do, when potential customers know about every option, the inventory at every dealer, etc?

This is going to happen to every business, every sector, every level. Also to our financial planning business. When information is set free, does it help you or hurt you?

If it is not helping you, now is the time to act. [Read more…]

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Welcome Julia

We are very proud,  happy and overwhelmed with emotions with the birth of our beautiful and healthy daughter and sister Julia. Julia was born this Wednesday the 26th of June. Please take a look at the picture below. We love your comments. Thank you.

With love,

Ronald & Denny, Frenk, Sanne & Julia Sier



Julia Sier

Look at our beautiful daughter Julia

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Why the Compliance Officer Rules and You Will Be the Hero

Remember great epic series like The Game of Thrones, The Tudors or Spartacus. There’s always the bad guy (the king) and the good guy (the hero). Next to the bad guy (the almighty king) is always a personage who is called the king’s counselor. His job is to advice the king about what the king should do to avoid future dangers. You often hear him say things like ‘danger is coming’ or ‘the enemy has gathered’.

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Why Money Can’t Buy You Like

As Lennon and McCartney wrote a half century ago, money can’t buy you love. But in today’s world, where people have come desensitized by ad campaigns and marketing slogans , that maxim needs an update: money can’t even buy you like.

That’s because we’ve entered the ‘Relationship Age’ where the only path for financial planners seeking long-term success is to create authentic customer relationships. Not through old traditional marketing. Old traditional marketing is: interrupting your clients with whatever they are doing. You are disturbing your clients by shoving them your marketing message under his nose.

Before I’ll tell you how te create authentic relationships with new marketing, let me tell you why I think we are entering ‘the Relationship Age’. Here are 4 reasons:

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How Vital is Innovation for a Thriving Financial Planning Industry?

Healthy competition is inspiring indeed. It encourages you to perform better than the others to succeed and survive. Well, same applies for the financial planning industry too. If you’re a financial planner, then don’t assume that you’re the sole ruler of the industry. You need to be more innovative and communicative with your clients to survive the tough competition and get a hold of your own. This will not only boost your standing as a financial planner and the industry will also prosper.

How a financial planner may go innovative?

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A Vision of the Future of Financial Planning in the New Age

Many financial planners don’t know how they should prepare for the future. They see a rapidly changing world. Large companies in the financial service business with innovative websites, offer free financial planning tools for their clients. With those tools they are apparently a threat for financial planners. As a financial planner you are faced with a dilemma. Do you accept these changes and choose to embrace the fast changing digital world, or not? Where should you focus on? How do you prepare yourself for the future? Questions you can answer easily if you know where you are going. Do you have a vision? The following blog shows you how to prepare for a rapidly changing future.

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The Art of Asking

We live in a world were trust for financial services isn’t what it used to be. Since the start of the crisis in 2008 it’s only about bonusses, greed and abuse. Abuse of trust I mean by that. When people purchased a financial advice or product, we didn’t bother to tell what the costs were for our clients. So, in the mind of our clients advice is for free. While we were earning lots of money with commissions, kickbackfees and other untransparent revenues, people thought it was all for free. Now, times have changed. Commissions and kickbackfees are history. And people don’t trust us anymore. Now, we have to ask our clients for their money. So they will buy our advice (while at first people thought it was for free). That’s pretty difficult when people don’t trust us. So, how are you going to make people pay for your services while people don’t trust you? The answer is: you don’t make them, you let them. Watch this TEDtalk from Amanda Palmer, and you’ll see how you let people pay for your services.

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