A Simple Edit That Makes Financial Planning 100% More Engaging


Has this happened to you?

You’ve spent years of hard work, wracking your brain to become the financial planner you want to be, and then you find most people just don’t care about financial planning.

And you wonder: how is that possible?

Perhaps your service is lacking something important. It needs one vital ingredient to really stand out.

A clear reason why you’re in business.

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Here Are More Than 200 Reasons Why Your Clients Hate You And An Unexpected But Easy Cure For This Pain


Imagine your client-to-be comes to you and says:

“I see you are the perfect financial planner for me because of your professional designation. So therefore, I would really like to work with you”

If you have experienced this, then stop reading this article.

Otherwise, you might want to continue.

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3 Types of Financial Planners – Which Group Are You In?


There are three types of financial planning businesses. All three have it’s own style, it’s own structures and measurements and it’s own strategies. The question is: are you in the type of financial planning business you really want to be in?

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How You Almost Always Win Your Clients’ Hearts and Sometimes Even Get Raving Fans By Just Reversing The Order of Your Story

Raving fans for the financial planner


Not a single financial planner wants to scare his potential clients off when telling the story about their business. Yet, very few financial planners dare to really attract their clients with the real reason they are in business. But what if that reason is a story that makes you more believable, trustworthy and gets you more clients (and maybe even some raving fans)?

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How to Tell Your Most Important Story and Gain Trust from Your Clients in 5 Minutes


Picture this: a new client made an appointment with you and comes to see you in your office. So you think: “This client has a financial problem that I probably can solve.” You’re right. But be aware, your client has another problem first. He doesn’t know if he can trust you. So the question is: how do you let your client know that he can trust you, without you saying: “Don’t worry, you can trust me”.

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