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Why 97% of Your Clients Don't Have Financial Goals and What To Do About It

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Do You Use This Simple 2000 Year Old Technique to Overcome People’s Secret Objections To Financial Planning?

Here’s a great story.

A few days ago I visited our local pastor. He’s like the ideal grandfather. Old, old-fashioned, always a friendly smile.

Can you picture it?

I didn’t expect to learn how to overcome my prospect’s objections during this short visit.

But when he started talking, I was blown away.

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Here’s the Pricing Mistake Almost Every Financial Planner Makes (and How To Fix It)

Imagine that your prospects didn’t hesitate, not even for one second, to pay your price. That it would be – in fact – a no-brainer.

Don’t believe that’s possible? Then stop here.

However, if you don’t want to leave money on the table and if you don’t want to miss my free gift at the end of this article, you might want to keep reading.

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The Four-Letter Word that Kills a Financial Planner’s Hope of Earning an Honest Buck

You’re in conflict. I know, because I’ve been there myself.

You love financial planning and you see how your service helps people solve their problems, get closer to their dreams and live a happier and meaningful life.

But at the same time, you have a sneaking suspicion you’re not giving your service the best possible chance of success.

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“What is My Financial Planning Service For? What is My LIFE For?”

Do you remember the moment you decided you wanted to become a financial planner?

Did you consider yourself a helpful person back then?

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Here’s Why Most Entrepreneurs Fail to Engage With 95% Of Their Client’s Decision-Making-Brain and What to Do About It

Let me ask you a question first.

Why do you think people buy your service?

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How To be an Unforgettable Financial Planner


Note from Ronald: This post is inspired by Jon Morrow. Jon is the founder of boostblogtraffic and he’s one of the best bloggers I’ve ever seen. He’s a very inspirational guy and I believe you should read Jon’s amazing story so that you can find out for yourself.  You really won’t regret it.


Can I tell you about a very personal experience?

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Here’s What LEGO Can Teach You About The New Reality of Financial Planning


Are you a good driver?

If you’re like most people, you probably think you’re a better-than-average driver.

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How To Enrich The Meaningfulness of Your Financial Planning Service By Doing What You’re Supposed To Do


Have you ever considered why you want to be a financial planner in the first place?

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Here’s Why You’re Unconsciously Influencing People NOT to Refer You and What to Do About It (Which You Probably Want to Do Anyway)


In my previous article I asked you why you think your clients don’t refer your financial planning service. And more than 100 planners gave me a worthy answer.

However, I wonder if those planners have ever thought of this:

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Here are Four Failures Financial Planners Tend to Forget (Which is Suicide for Being Referable)


If you have studied really hard to pass your CFP exam, and worked for years as a financial planner, and you might even launched your own financial planning service, but without the success you dreamed of, I’m sure you’ve been frustrated. I sure have, and I still am once in a while.

The worst part is that there doesn’t seem to be a straightforward explanation as to why you failed.

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How Financial Planners Save Their Clients From America’s Top Killer (Part 1)


You probably aren’t aware of this. But it’s true: financial planners are heroes.

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Here Are 5 Seriously Underrated Perspectives for Your Financial Planning Business


If this is going to last any longer, I’m jumping off the roof”

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Here’s What Financial Planners (CFP) Can Learn From Top FBI Hostage Negotiators About Creating Magical Connections In Less Than 45 Minutes


And even create more powerful relationships than many other lifelong friendships.

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Here’s the 6 Step Formula To Get Your Client To Open Up Like a Flower

flower 2

What if your clients become very eager to talk about their financial goals?

And even thank you because you gave them the opportunity to share their story with you?

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Here Are More Than 200 Reasons Why Your Clients Hate You And An Unexpected But Easy Cure For This Pain


Imagine your client-to-be comes to you and says:

“I see you are the perfect financial planner for me because of your professional designation. So therefore, I would really like to work with you”

If you have experienced this, then stop reading this article.

Otherwise, you might want to continue.

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