Don’t know which financial planning speaker to hire for your conference?

Don’t want to bore your audience with product-selling-talks?

Looking for a financial planning specialist?

Read the articles at See Beyond Numbers, and you’ll see Ronald knows what he’s talking about.

If you’re ready to inspire and educate your financial planning audience,  you’re in the right place.

And while you’re at it, you might as well give them an out of the box presentation, right?

How about this?


This presentation is about smart financial planners who were very successful in the past because of their analytical, logical and rational qualities. Still, will they thrive in this ever changing future, where automation, robo-advisors, and technology seem to rule the world?

In this unique presentation, Ronald gives the audience a sneak peek into the future of financial planning, while sharing engaging tips financial planners can easily implement in their own financial planning service. So that planners are equipped to take the next step on their financial planning path to success.

For maximum engagement the presentation also includes:

  • Audience engagement: Ronald engages the audience by asking simple yet surprising questions about the past and present of financial planning.
  • Audience mindgame: Ever wanted to make your audience think about their own future by playing a (truly fun) mindgame. And of course, fully tailored to financial planning.
  • Thought provoking video: Surprising, yet thought provoking video about how financial planners should NOT work with clients (laughter guaranteed).

Here’s Ronald at Financial Planning Forum (2016) in Berlin:


Why choose Ronald?

First, your audience will be inspired by (finally) having an inspiring vision for the future of our beautiful profession. You see, people are in need of a vision – whether they realize this or not. You need vision, belief and inspiration. And those three are ready to be learned in this powerful 60-minute presentation.

Second, your audience are analytical financial planners, right? They want proven, easy to implement tactics they can implement in their business right away. Instead of boring product-selling presentations, Ronald gives your audience the essential learnings to engage financial planning clients. Think about that – inspiration AND tactics, just in one hour.

So, if you’re looking for a financial planning presentation, which is out of the box, inspiring and practical, please contact Ronald by sending an email to ronald@seebeyondnumbers.com.

Let’s make financial planning matter!